Climbing Gunung Panti


The view from the summit of Gunung Panti
Gunung Panti as seen on the approach from KotaTinggi







Gunung Panti is situated just a few kilometers North of Kota Tinggi in Johor. The forest that it sits in has been logged once, making it a secondary forest today. An easy 2 hour trek will take you to the summit. The last 10 minutes is an easy scramble up a rock face to the summit. The decend takes about another 2 hours.

This hill is recommended for just about anyone with resonable fitness. Suitable for children as young as 10 years old. The oldest person I have seen trekking up this hill is a 60 year old man. It is highly recommended to carry about 2 liters of drinking water for this day long trek. From the summit you can have a good view of Gunung Muntahak (634 m asl) towards the north west.










0730  Meet up & board mini Van
0800 Start driving towards Gunung Panti (thru causeway)
1000 Arrive at the trail head & start trekking up
1200 Arrive at the summit of Gunung Panti
Light Lunch (Sandwiches)
1300 Start to descend
1500 Arrive at the end of the trek & board van
1700  Arrive at Causeway

 Arrive in Singapore









Cost : Contact us for prices. Min 6 pax Max 9 pax per minivan
Cost Includes
- transportation (minivan) to and from the trekking sites
- lunch (sandwiches) and bottled water
- trekking guide






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